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Key Contributors to Fire Damage

Key Contributors to Fire Damage

When your property has experienced fire damages, it can be an extremely stressful situation to deal with. As you your home may be severely damaged, valuables will have been destroyed, you may be without a home or office to return to, and it may takes weeks or even months to restore and repair your property back to its rightful state.

Fortunately, when you have fire damage in El Centro, Imperial, Blythe or in any nearby Imperial County city or town, ServiceMaster by Critical is your local expert to contact. We specialize in fire damage restoration in Heber, Brawley, Seeley, Winterhaven, Westmorland, Calipatria, Holtville and the surrounding areas, and we’ll do everything possible to restore and repair your home or office back to normal.

To help homeowners and property owners understand fire damages, we have broken down the characteristics and aspects that are present whenever a fire occurs and how they can damage your structures or devour your belongings.

1) The Flames

One key contributor to fire damage is the flame of a fire. The flames are essentially the vehicle a fire uses to travel and release heat and light. What many do not realize is that the flames of a fire actually cause the least amount of damage to a property when a blaze breaks out, the other two factors below actually cause the most damages.

2) Heat

The second cause of damages in a fire is the heat and extreme temperatures a fire can reach. Depending on what materials have burned and how big the fire is, heat from a blaze can cause a significant amount of damages. The heat of a fire can melt, warp, and render several items useless or completely destroyed. Also, the heat of a fire can cause nearby items to dry-out, becoming much easier to catch aflame, contributing to the overall growth and size of a fire.

3) Smoke

The one contributor of a fire that causes the most damage to any property is the smoke. When any material is burnt, smoke is produced and released into the air. Depending on the material that is burned, smoke can produce thick films of residue and can become caustic; eating away at the materials it is able to buildup on. Smoke can also leave behind long lasting odors that can linger for months and become extremely difficult to remove.

When your property sustains smoke or fire damages, remember that you can always rely on the Imperial County fire damage experts, ServiceMaster by Critical. We’re the experts to call when you need fire damage mitigation and repair services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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