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Fire Damage Restoration in Imperial County including Riverside, Corona, & Moreno Valley

Fire Restoration is complex as the size of the fire, the materials that were burned, the amount of destruction and the area of the home all have an affect on how the restoration needs to happen. We need to get started now to prevent further damage, restoration time and extra costs for you.

ServiceMaster by Critical are your trusted local experts. We offer Free Inspections to home and property owners. Each estimate includes a written quote, professional inspection, and on-site consultation. We want to restore your home and provide you the service you are looking for.

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That may seem a little drastic but serious damage and mold growth can begin within 24 hours of the damage. The destruction of the property after the burn and moisture can end up being more expensive than the fire damage was.

We are fire damage restoration and repair specialists. This includes dealing with smoke damage restoration and soot damage. We serve Imperial, El Centro, Blythe and many nearby areas in and around the Imperial County area and other parts of California.

Professional fire restoration company in California

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HVAC System Warning!

After a fire residual smoke and soot makes it way to every part of your house including the HVAC system which when later used can blow the irritants throughout your home causing health issues. Make sue to have a proper inspection by a professional!

You are anxious to get the the restoration work underway on your home, but before you jump the gun make sure that the company that you are hiring is an expert in the industry otherwise you may end up doing even more damage to the structure of your home.

Our disaster restoration professionals are fully trained for dealing with the fire damage in your home. They understand what needs to happen in order to eliminate odors and deal with sever damage. They also correctly restore salvageable property minimizing the damage to your home.

At ServiceMaster by Critical we want to be there when you need us so our 24-hour emergency team is ready all year long for your phone call so we can get started working right away. We can also board-up your home during the restoration process to keep out unwanted intruders.

We service the towns of Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley, Norco, Temecula as well as nearby areas such as Brawley, Heber, Winterhaven, Seeley, Holtville, Westmorland, Calipatria, and nearby. Give us a call at 1-855-556-1372 or contact us online for a Free Inspection. For 24-hour emergency service contact us today!

Fire Damage

The direct damage from any fire is caused by the fire itself, as well as the immediate heat damage from the fire.

Fire will char anything it touches. Noncombustible objects may melt, and paint and wallpaper will peel. Some fires leave corrosive substances behind when they're extinguished that can damage wood, plastic, metal, and other substances.

Smoke Damage

While fire may damage only a small area, smoke will permeate far and wide in a structure.

High temperatures during a fire can open pores that will bring the smoke deep inside your building materials, property, and inside the HVAC system. This smoke can be corrosive and potentially toxic, and it will lead to long-term smoke odors in the area.

Water Damage

Water damage and fire damage go hand in hand, as fire hoses flood the area at a rate of 95 gallons per minute.

Water damage will spread far beyond the fire-affected area, working downhill to flood lower floors and enter cavities and voids within the building. This will damage electrical components, insulation, drywall, personal possessions, and other property.

Mold & Rot Damage

Within 24-48 hours of the water saturation that goes along with extinguishing a fire, mold will begin to grow.

Mold will create an extremely unhealthy environment within the home while it destroys personal property and may even create a potential structural issue. By drying the area thoroughly and immediately, this damage can be avoided.

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